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About Us


Combat Tread is American made and veteran inspired clothing and apparel for military service members and veterans, first responders, athletes, and supporters. Built with premium quality, we believe that what you wear is a reflection of one’s beliefs and characteristics. Our clothing is not only meant to last, but to also be worn with pride as one treads over their daily combats in life.


Created by two United States Army veterans, Ken Berrocal and Christian Velazquez, Combat Tread was started overseas during an Operation Enduring Freedom deployment. Combat Tread is currently centralized and operating out of Tampa, Florida.


The meaning of the Combat Tread can be identified by its slogan and its logo in four components.


The sword signifies the weapon used to fight the battles one is currently facing.


The color red on the logo signifies the red blood shed through the constant sacrifice of our military and first responders.


The triangular shape is presented in similar formality as how a folded flag would be presented to someone due to their loss of a loved on.

We Will, Shall, and Must

"Combat Tread" formulates everything together meaning one "Will, Shall, and Must" overcome any combat or obstacle in life they are currently battling in efforts to fully tread over it.


Along with providing the best quality products, Combat Tread’s most vital mission is to give back to service members, veterans, athletes, first responders, and supporters by community involvement. Being a helping hand will aid in creating outreach and potentially encourage others to engage in volunteering initiatives and assisting non-profit organization.